Select Tournament Teams

The Lexington Thoroughbreds Select Tournament Team is an exclusive program specifically designed for participants in the upper house programs. This team offers a unique opportunity for our house hockey players to gain valuable game experience by competing against external organizations in tournament and exhibition game environments.

At CKHA we believe in providing our players with enhanced development opportunities, and this tournament team is no exception. In addition to tournament and exhibition games, the program includes an extra 2-4 hours of dedicated team practice. These additional practice hours are designed to further enhance player skills, foster team chemistry, and optimize performance on the ice.

As a member of the Lexington Thoroughbreds Select Tournament Team, players will have the chance to showcase their talent, learn from competitive match-ups, and gain exposure to different playing styles. This experience will broaden their hockey horizons, instill a competitive spirit, and enhance their overall game understanding.


10U Select Tournament Team: 

Ages 8 – 10 (Birth years 2013, 2014, 2015)

12U Select Tournament Team: 

Ages 10 – 12 (Birth years 2011, 2012, 2013[exceptions apply])


Both age classifications run in conjunction with the Upper House hockey season from late September to mid-March. Tournaments and games are TBD but can be expected to be played on weekends which may include a holiday weekend, Friday, or Monday. 


Games should be expected to be played within the KY, IN, OH, WV area. Tournaments can include states throughout the Midwest and South. 


Practices will be held 2-10 days on average, prior to a scheduled game and or tournament. 2-4 practice hours can be expected.


Games, including tournaments, will be held on weekends. 4-8 additional games can be expected.


Uniforms are required and will be the same as used in house league.

Program Cost

Program fees can expect to be $150 - $300 in addition to house program fees. 

*** Note that these programs are dependent upon proper participation numbers. Roster size will determine final cost, program practices and total tournament entries.  

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