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Registration for House/Rec and Travel Teams

Registration Details for the 2018 - 2019 Hockey Season

Please read through the following information carefully before registering. The registration link can be found at the bottom of the page.
Questions regarding programs or the registration process should be directed to the CKHA Registrar (Josh Talboo).

Age Divisions

The following age divisions are being offered for the 2018 - 2019 season:

Division Ages Birth Years
FLEX/Mite In-House Beginner players, 11 & under 2007 - 2014*
8U Mite House MYHL** 8 & Under 2010 - 2013
10U Squirt House MYHL 10 & Under 2008 - 2009
12U Pee Wee House MYHL 12 & Under 2006 - 2007
12U Pee Wee Travel BTHL 12 & Under 2006 - 2007
14U Bantam House MYHL 14 & Under 2004 - 2005
16U Midget Travel 16 & Under 2002 - 2004***
High School Varsity A 18 & Under 2000 - 2004
High School JV/Varsity B 18 & Under 2000 - 2004

*Participation for players with birth years 2007 - 2009 is restricted to children that have not participated on a team before, and/or are coming directly out of Learn-To-Play/Little Preds
Optional participation in FLEX/Mite In-House division will be available during registration. FLEX/Mite In-House is NOT required this season.
*** - Players with birth years 2002 - 2004 will have a registration option to participate in both High School Varsity A and 16U travel.

Additional notes:

  • All divisions with the designation "House MYHL" will involve some travel to other associations in the MYHL league to play games.
  • FLEX/Mite In-House will primarily play in-house but there may be a few travel opportunities within Kentucky.
  • 12U and 16U travel divisions, as well as the High School Varsity A division, are available only to those who received an invitation, and are password protected. If you did not receive your invitation or password, please contact the CKHA Registrar or your coach.

Registration Fees

The cost to play varies by both age and skill division. Registration fees are noted below, and an explanation of what is included in those fees can be found at the bottom of this page. All registration fees are subject to a price increase on September 1, 2018.

  • FLEX/Mite In-House - $775 (includes in-house jersey & socks)
  • 8U Mite MYHL Only - $835 (does not include jerseys and socks)
    •  + In-House/FLEX Participation - $50 (includes in-house jerseys and socks)
  • 10U Squirt House MYHL - $895
  • 12U Pee Wee House MYHL - $895
  • 12U Pee Wee Travel BTHL - $1495
  • 14U Bantam House MYHL - $945
  • 16U Midget Travel - $1575
  • High School Varsity A Only - $1575
  • High School Varsity A & 16U Midget Travel - $1575
  • High School Varsity B - $1195


Additional Fees/Costs

Registration fees cover the cost of playing hockey. During registration you will be charged a fundraising fee of $100. As with last year, the fundraising fee entitles you to 10 tickets for CKHA’s annual raffle. You are welcome to sell the tickets at face value to recoup your costs or you can enter the raffle and chance winning up to $500. Uniforms will also be available for purchase within registration. Pricing will vary based on your selection.



CKHA is pleased to announce that we are retaining Rebirth Sports as our uniform supplier and we will be using the same uniforms as 2017 - 2018 for the 10U - 16U divisions. If you have Lexington Thoroughbreds Rebirth brand uniforms from last season that fit and are in decent condition, you do not need to purchase new uniforms. If you do need to purchase new uniforms, you will have the option of paying for your jerseys & socks within registration. You will also be asked for jersey size and number preference. Please select what size you think your player will need. Jersey fitting will be available on August 11, 2018, and sizing will be confirmed before orders are placed. Also, please list your number from last year if you played on a CKHA team, as well as additional number choices. We cannot guarantee jersey number preferences, but we will do what we can to honor your selections. 

  • FLEX/Mite In-House jersys are included in the registration fee. Please indicate size and number preference only.
  • 8U Mite MHYL will be ordering jerseys and socks seperately. Please indicate size and number preference only.
  • High School players will need Lexington Thoroughbreds jerseys. The Lexington Bandits jerseys from last season will not be used.



The fees listed above are valid through August 30, 2018. All participants that need to order uniforms must register by August 19, 2018. Registering after August 30th may incur a 10% late fee. All dates are associated with online registration timestamp, not payment in full time frames. Payment in full is expected no later than January 31, 2019. You will have the opportunity to select from two different payment options through the online registration process – Payment in Full or a Payment Plan consisting of up to seven (7) installments on the 30th of each month. A $50 deposit is required for registration as is payment for uniforms and fundraising fees. We urge everyone using the payment plan option to register before July 30 so as to spread their payments out over the longest period. At this time, CKHA only accepts online payments for registration.  All online payment options will debit directly from the credit/debit account provided at registration.


Included in your fees:

The registration fees include the following costs:

  • Total Package Hockey (TPH) Management Fee, including the Director of Hockey
  • Practice & home game ice
  • Referees for home games (10U and above)
  • League fees for the MYHL and BTHL (where applicable)
  • Keeneland Klassic, MYHL Tournament, Buckeye Travel Pre- & Post-Season Tournament fees (based on division and age group)
  • Training equipment, pucks, supplies as needed

Play-Up Requests

Play-up requests have been eliminated. Players that are eligible to play above their age division have or will be contacted by a coach or CKHA official.

The Registration "Registration for House/Rec and Travel Teams" is not currently available.