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Registration for House/Rec and Travel Teams

Registration Details for the 2019 - 2020 Hockey Season

Please read through the following information carefully before registering. The registration link can be found at the bottom of the page.
Questions regarding programs or the registration process should be directed to the CKHA Registrar (Josh Talboo).


Registration Options

  • 6U Mini-Mite In-House - $520
  • 8U Mite/FLEX In-House - $725
  • 8U MYHL (includes In-House) - $875
  • 10U MYHL (House/Recreational) - $945
  • 10U BTHL (Travel) - $1425
  • 12U MYHL (House/Recreational) - $975
  • 12U BTHL (Travel) - $1425
  • 14U MYHL (Recreational) - $975
  • JV & Varsity High School - $1295 (See Note Below)


League Information

  • 6U & 8U FLEX/In-House will play in Lexington only. These are in-house programs that don't require any travel.
  • MYHL (Midwest Youth Hockey League) is the House/Recreational league our teams play in. These teams are open to anyone that has completed a Learn To Play program or has previous experience playing ice hockey. Some travel is required to play against other teams in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
  • BTHL (Buckeye Travel Hockey League) is the Travel league our teams play in. A player needs to be invited to play to one of these teams and will require a password to register. 
  • ALL High School Players will register for JV High School. Tryouts will be held in the fall to determine the Varsity team.


Registration fees can be paid in full at time of registration or via payment plan. Payment plan installments are billed on 30th of the month, starting June 30, ending Nov 30, 2019. All installments must be received by Nov 30, 2019 or players will be ineligible to continue playing until fees are paid in full.

Refunds & Insurance

IMPORTANT - Full or partial registration refunds will no longer be issued.

CKHA is no longer able to issue registration refunds for any reason (injury, relocation, etc.), but we are pleased to be able to offer registration insurance that may be purchased along with your registration. The new AIG insurance policy, “Registration Saver” now provides you the opportunity to cover the season fees…or tournament, camp and related travel costs you pay for your child to participate in their sports activities. The policy protects your investment in case of injury (on or off the field), illness, bad weather, and other unforeseen circumstances that may cause a child to miss an event or entire season.

(CKHA does not receive any portion of the fees collected from the insurance purchase. )


Additional Fees/Costs

Registration fees cover the cost of playing hockey. During registration you will be charged a fundraising fee of $100. As with last year, the fundraising fee entitles you to 10 tickets for CKHA’s annual raffle. You are welcome to sell the tickets at face value to recoup your costs or you can enter the raffle and chance winning up to $500. Uniforms will also be available for purchase within registration. Pricing will vary based on your selection.


Included in your fees:

The registration fees include the following costs:

  • Total Package Hockey (TPH) Management Fee, including the Director of Hockey
  • Practice & home game ice
  • Referees for home games (10U and above)
  • League fees for the MYHL and BTHL (where applicable)
  • Keeneland Klassic, MYHL Tournament, Buckeye Travel Pre- & Post-Season Tournament fees (based on division and age group)
  • Training equipment, pucks, supplies as needed


Uniforms will remain the same as last season. All players competing in league play (MYHL, BTHL, KHSHL, etc.) require Lexington Thoroughbreds Rebirth brand jerseys & socks. All players must have a blue and a white jersey. Jerseys & socks may be purchased with registration or ordered at a later date (TBD). 6U and FLEX/In-House players SHOULD NOT purchase uniforms as part of this registration.

  • Home & Away Set  - $120
  • White Only - $60
  • Blue Only - $60
  • Socks - $20


CKHA is pleased to be able to offer, for the first time ever, team carry bags and backpacks. Bags and backpacks may be purchased with registration or ordered at a later date (TBD).

  • 30" Carry Bag (Youth) - $66
  • 36" Carry Bag (Junior/Intermediate) - $80
  • 40" Carry Bag (Senior) - $80
  • Backpack - $68

Play-Up Requests

Play-up requests have been eliminated. Players that are eligible to play above their age division have or will be contacted by a coach or CKHA official.

The Registration "Registration for House/Rec and Travel Teams" is not currently available.