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The Culture of CKHA

By Admin, 10/14/19, 12:30AM EDT


CKHA Families and Friends,


As hockey season begins I think it is important to remind everyone what youth hockey is all about.


It’s about Winning and Championships!  Actually, it’s not about that at all…


Then it’s about Fun!  Well, that’s part of it, but certainly not all of it…


USA Hockey’s core values include: Sportsmanship; Respect for the Individual; Integrity; Pursuit of Excellence at the Individual, Team, and Organizational levels; Enjoyment; Loyalty; and Teamwork. 


These core values can be taken different ways at different levels, but how I understand these values is that youth hockey is about Developing Personal Character, Having Fun, and Physical Fitness.  With an emphasis on Developing Personal Character.


The chances that your player goes pro or is offered a college scholarship is extremely low.  


The chances that your player uses the life lessons learned from playing hockey is a guarantee.


As President of CKHA I have many jobs, one of which is helping to establish a positive culture for the organization.  I ask that all of our families help with this.  After all, CKHA is not me, or the Board, or the Coaches.  It is all of us. 


I will be sending out several communications throughout the season that have to do with our culture.  


The first one is about Team Leadership.  As the season starts each team will begin to establish who the leaders are.  Maybe not so much on the younger teams, but certainly at the High School, 16U, and 14U levels.  Maybe even at 12U.


I found the attached article and think that it is fantastic.  I invite all of our parents and guardians to read this, but more importantly, have your Player read this.  And then follow up with them to see what they think about it.  Not everyone will be a Team Leader, but it is important that everyone knows how a Team Leader acts.

Thank you,